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Create Your Wallet: Learn how to create your wallet in 3 easy steps

Connect Your Wallet To Opensea: Learn how to connect your wallet to the worlds most famous NFT marketplace

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Let's Get Started

  • Create Your Wallet
    We are going to be using Torus Wallet to create your very own ethereum wallet. Simply enter your email and follow the next steps that you will see on your screen. You can also choose to create your wallet using Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord.
  • ​​Verify Your Email
    Check your inbox for a verification code to confirm the creation of your wallet. Just simply click on the link in email and go back to this page.
  • You Have Successfully Created Your Wallet!
    After verifying your account, you will automatically be logged in to your Torus wallet.
Now that you've successfully created your Torus wallet, you can visit to login. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Now that you have your wallet, let's get you started with NFTs.
Click Here to get your NFT from!

What's Next?

Let's connect your wallet to Opensea
so you can get started with your NFT Collection.

Creating Your Opensea Account

  • Step 1
    Open your web browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type in the address bar.
  • Step 2
    Click on the Wallet icon at the top-right
  • Step 3
    Select the Torus option from the wallet list

  • Step 4
    Verify your email, after selecting Torus from the wallet options, you will be the prompted to verify your email. Just go to your email and click on the
    Confirm my email button.

    Once done, you can close your email and go back to the OpenSea page and click Accept and sign button.
  • Step 5
    Link your Torus wallet to OpenSea

    Click on the Confirm button on the pop up window that just opened and you are all set!

Now that you've created a wallet and connected your Torus wallet to OpenSea, it's finally time to start your NFT collection!

  • Step 5
    Updating your Profile in OpenSea
    You can update the information in your OpenSea profile by Clicking on the Profile icon.

You will then be directed to the profile page where you can update your:
(Username, Upload a profile photo, Bio, Email Address, Website)
You can also verify if the Torus wallet address connected to OpenSea is correct.

Once complete, click the Save button and you're done!

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